What is your leadership style?

What is a leader? There are many ways to define a leader and how someone chooses to define a leader says a lot about the kind of leader they would make. Essentially, a leader leads. And there is more than one way to lead.

Contrary to what you might believe, everyone can become a leader. What kind of leadership style do you have?

The charismatic leader – This is the kind of leader that has gained a lot of cultural credit. Charismatic leaders naturally attract followers through their magnetic personalities. The Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King are a few famous examples. This is the type we think of as being born to lead, although you can indeed cultivate charisma.

The democratic leader – You don’t act like it’s not all about your vision. You lead by bringing other people on board to share your vision. You believe that everyone has something different to offer and you like to build a team that can work well together.

A leader who leads by example – You aren’t a “Do what I say, not what I do” kind of leader. You inspire people with your own behaviour. You wouldn’t think of asking someone to work late if you weren’t going to work even later yourself.

A holistic leader – A holistic leader realises that people are complex with many different facets. If you are a holistic leader you don’t just look at one aspect of a person’s life, like their performance at work, but look at their lives in general. You would understand that to have a productive workplace you need a healthy environment where people can really flourish. At the end of the day you really care about people’s wellbeing and this brings out the best in them.

The introverted leader – A leader isn’t always the person with the loudest voice. It may take a while for people to appreciate your leadership style, but your worth can’t be denied. In fact, in the last few years people are coming round to the fact that introverts make good leaders.

The take-charge leader – You have always been someone who in any situation can stand up and take responsibility. When other people are huddling around talking about the problem, you are already working on the problem. You take initiative and thrive under pressure.

You sit back and let everyone have their say, but when it’s your turn to talk you are insightful, wise and fair.

You may have noticed that we have left out the authoritarian leader. These types of leaders abound, but the world doesn’t need more of them.

Some people just seem to be born leaders, but everyone can step into a position of leadership. Just find your leaderships style and maybe even do some leadership skills training. The world can never have too many leaders.