Adobe Releases New Easy Website Designers’ Tool

Muse, that is the code name given for Adobe’s new website design tool has been made publically available on Monday 14 August 2011. While still in beta stage, Muse has been created  to target designers who wish to design and publish websites who do not  have any coding skills. Dreamweaver will live on!

“The ability to build Web sites as easily as laying out a page in InDesign is one of the most popular requests from our design customers,” Lea Hickman, vice president of Design and Web product management at Adobe, said in a statement. “Those who have tested Muse are thrilled that something this intuitive yet powerful is now available.”

Muse breaks website design and publishing down into four stages:

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Preview
  • Publish

Website designers can look forward to a extremely superior application that provides a code-free design experience. For those who still prefer to have a handle on their HTML and CSS, Adobe has released a mid-cycle CS5.5 Suite.