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How to make the most of your video wall display

Wherever you go, you’re likely to see a video display wall controller. Companies, shopping malls and retail stores are investing in video wall technology to boost their brand, engage with their audiences and make their presence known.

Digital screens as a video wall display are easy to use, maintain and update as swiftly as trends change and, therefore, makes it an accessible technological advancement to have in your business for marketing or informative purposes. You just need to know how to make the most of your video wall display for you and your business.

Decide on its function

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on its function. One of the great things about wall controllers is that they can be used to fulfil a variety of functions. Their main purpose, however, is to engage and interact with people.

  • Digital billboards: Digital signage is an easy way to catch consumers’ attention, making it a perfect addition to your retail store. There are so many ways to incorporate video wall displays in-store to enhance and promote the products on offer and draw customers through the doors.
  • Data visualisation: A popular integration of video wall display controllers in a business are for data screens. This allows for companies to set up a data control room with incoming, business-related, statistics and insights that can help them improve and make informed business decisions on the spot.
  • Security control: What better way to see everything that’s happening in your business building or retail store than by viewing all the camera feed, from every angle, in a security control room with a video wall display controller unit? Security control rooms need wall controllers to be able to successfully monitor and implement security protocols to ensure the safety of the business, its assets and its people.

These are but a few examples of how you can decide to use your video display wall, but it will always be tailored to your business’ needs.

Use high-quality screens

For a wall display that people will be looking at and interacting with, you’re going to need high-quality screens to do the job. The size and quantity of the screens that will make up your video display wall will depend on what you need it for. Either way, people will be looking at it and need to be able to clearly read and consume the content that it displays.

There are a few screen qualities you need to ensure are top-notch. Namely:

  • Brightness: Brightness plays a large role in the impact-value of your video wall. If a screen is blindingly bright or not bright enough as a result of the environmental elements (being outdoors in direct sunlight, for example), it’s not going to have the captivating effect you want it to have.
  • Resolution: You also need to make sure that your screens are operating with a high resolution that will keep your content clear and crisp on the screen from all viewing distances. For this, you will need to refer to the screen pixel pitch and make sure the resolution will be adequate for your wall controller use.
  • Colour quality: Both the brightness and resolution will affect the colour quality of your display. And the colour will be the element that catches a person’s attention so you need to make sure that red is clearly red and distinguishable from orange and pink, for example.

Choose an appropriate layout, location and mounting method

The next step is to choose an appropriate layout and location for your video wall, which will depend on what you’re going to be using it for. If you’re using it to lure customers in and draw attention, you might choose the display windows of your retail store as the perfect location for your video wall. In-store, you might also choose to arrange your display wall in an unconventional pattern to draw in extra attention.  

And if you’re using it for office purposes, you would likely stick to the conventional grid layout. Especially when it comes to security and data displays as it makes it easier to read and follow the information. These screens would generally be located in separate rooms as they can be distracting to other employees and may also contain sensitive business information.

With regards to the mounting method, you can mount it directly to the wall or install it as a recessed display. A direct wall-mount is easier to control the space, allowing the heated air generated to flow away from the screens and not cause them to overheat. With recessed displays, you will need to invest in a cooling vent system on top of the video display wall.

It’s nothing without great content


Once you have the necessary tools to create an amazing video wall display, you need to have great content to make it worth all of the effort. Without quality, relevant and interesting content, your video display will just be a few dull screens on the wall.