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Why business should be focused on alternative energy

The future of business is always about survival. Survival however depends keenly on knowledge and knowing what to do with that knowledge, before anything unforeseen takes away your ability to function as an entity. Before even profits, there has to be a way to stay above the waters that threaten to consume all businesses.

One way that businesses could help themselves is actually a way to help the environment: that is, being keenly aware of the developments of alternative energy. This is particularly the case given recent issues around the world involving power, as seen in places like South Africa.

Businesses that depend greatly on having electricity, for example, found themselves in the mud due to not being able to receive and use electricity.

There were solutions of course; the ability to use generators has helped, leading to more businesses inquiring into generator financing to help them manage their own expenses. Yet, aside from generators, there has to be a focus on alternative energy sources and, perhaps, an investment in future products or lines that can beneficial.

One important path has been to focus on solar energy. As ThinkAdvisor notes:

“Solar energy has been around for decades, and has had its bright and dark days. But in the past two years there has been major investment growth. According to the United Nation’s Environment Programme’s “Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2015” report, global investment in renewable power (excluding hyroelectric power) was $270.2 billion in 2014, 17% higher than in 2013.”

Countries like China and Japan spent nearly $80 billion on solar installations. Even developing countries saw investment increases up by 36%.

The issue is that in order to make solar energy viable there has to be investment from major businesses and investors to make that dream a reality.

GTM’s MJ Shiao, director of Solar Research, said: “solar isn’t just a promising technology. It’s a real, deployable tool and platform for a next-generation electricity grid.”

This is the future of how we’ll conduct our business and how the world will survive; for those that kicked themselves for not leaping into the internet age sooner, now’s the best time to start thinking about how you’ll be driving the future of your business in terms of energy usage.