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Why businesses should be both on and offline

With the way the world is developing digitally and all about automation, it’s understandable to have expected “online” to be the only way forward. This, however, is not the case. Businesses should have both an online and offline presence and here’s why.

Offline to online

Offline only isn’t convenient enough for consumers. And while there are advantages to having a physical presence, which will be discussed below, making use of both will make business-life better.

Businesses may be hesitant to take themselves online as an issue of security. But if they get the proper guidance, training and security software their data will be protected and their business will be able to reap the benefits of being online. The online ecommerce platform is so large and diverse that businesses would also have to up their marketing game and learn about the rules of Google. But if you’re starting a business in 2017 and beyond, startup costs are more affordable by going online. So there certainly are benefits to online.

Benefits of integrating an online presence to a business include the ability to accurately and real-time track customer interactions with your site and products (in retail especially), to almost effortlessly increase the business’s reach and decreasing general operations costs. And those are just a few benefits.  

Online to offline

Online only is open to many customer service related issues, where delivery of the product doesn’t go as planned and is damaged when the customer receives it. And the process of emailing, phoning and trying everything in the book to contact and sort out a problem such as this is gruelling, frustrating and a waste of your clients time.

Online only is an expensive marketing effort and highly competitive market where a business is either easily found or on page two of Google’s search results. In other words, completely looked over. That’s why incorporating a physical presence, even in the form of a pop-up, can benefit the business and fill in the gaps.

Like the move to online, there is a hesitance to the issue of security when moving offline and operating in a physical location. But, again, there are ways to secure your physical assets and staff. As a quick and direct example, follow this http://www.turnstar.co.za/products/automatic-sliding-doors link for some security measures ideas.

The benefits to taking an online business and giving it an offline presence include “free” marketing efforts by having a physical something for consumers to see, solidifying a brand for consumers to physically interact with and the ability to establish and maintain consumer relationships, which encourages loyalty.

Why having both is a strong business move

One just isn’t enough.

Consumers want to enjoy both strolling and scrolling through at their leisure when it suits them. They want the option and the benefits that come with both, and what is a business there for if not to meet consumer demands?

And just because a business moves from online to offline, doesn’t mean that the innovation and technology have to be “dumbed down”. Customers are looking for consistency when interacting with your brand and there are ways to integrate the digital and physical experience in store.

Having both will drive traffic back to both platforms respectively. In-store marketing with promotional hashtags and online discounts will send people to the website to find out more and, likewise, online advertisements on the website and internet will send people to the nearest store to, again, find out more.

Therefore, having both means more business and happier customers.

Following digital footsteps

Some top online businesses that have made the integration into the physical-store world prove to be more motivation and inspiration for other online businesses.

Amazon surprised everyone by building a physical AmazonFresh Pickup and Bookstores. Their motivation was to give customers a drive-in pick up point after placing orders online as a seamless transaction. Other huge brands bridging the gap and creating new channels to conduct their business, are Disney and Under Armour.  

This integrative mission is all about the future of businesses efficiently satisfying the customer experience. Whether it’s a copy and paste effort of translating an online store to a physical building, creating a physical pick-up point from online transactions, or an effort to give consumers the option to browse and conduct business from the comfort of their own homes, there are, undoubtedly, reasons to make use of this omnichannel business experience.