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How to avoid these 4 common customer service errors

There are some companies who think that all there is to customer service is great quality products. But customer service is about knowing who your customers are and considering their needs and wants in relation to what you can offer them. It’s about building a relationship with your customers to establish loyalty and build a brand reputation.

Customer service is about accepting feedback from your loyal customers and listening to what they have to say in order to improve as a business. To provide this type of quality customer service, you need to start paying more attention to your customers and avoid the common errors of the customer support industry. Customers are a crucial part of profiting in a business so this is relevant to every business owner. We’re going to go through four common mistakes that customer service agents make and provide you with a simple solution that will take care of all them.

Inconsistent customer service

As a customer service agent, it’s important to be polite, helpful and have the customer’s interests at heart. As a customer service department manager, you need to make sure that each of your customer service agents is adhering to those customer service qualities.

Every customer service agent needs to respect the urgency of each customer request or complaint that comes in. There’s surely a reason why a customer has contacted you, and it’s up to you to assist them as quickly and as best you can. It’s part of the job to have difficult customer calls and to be frustrated at times. But that isn’t an excuse to lower your standard of customer care or compromise on the customer service values established by your profession.

You will likely have to deal with the same customer more than once and it’s important that every interaction is conducted in a professional and cooperative manner. Those are your loyal customers and if you want to keep your business reputation in a good light, you’re going to need to be consistent with your service quality.

One-channel customer support

Another mistake companies make is by limiting their customer support channels to one medium. In smaller companies, this might seem like the simplest solution when you don’t have an entire customer service department who can take care of customers. But it’s not sustainable and will only frustrate your customers and send them to a competitor.

The more methods in which a customer can contact your company and receive assistance, the more likely they are to remain loyal. Many times you’ll hear customers complain that they’ve tried to resolve an issue through the provided channel but are unable to gain clarity. Customer service is about making the customer experience convenient throughout every interaction with the business, even when it’s an opportunity for them to provide constructive feedback.

“How can I direct your call”

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than calling the customer service line and being asked “how can I direct your call?” or “please hold while I find someone who can help you”. That defeats the purpose of having a support line when they still need to be transferred to the correct support line.

Tiered customer service does not work. The customer has to repeat themselves three (or more) times before reaching the correct person, and then having to state their situation one more time. Time is wasted, patience is tested and it’s not a step towards a good customer service review.

A collaborative customer support system would be the best option where customer service agents can request for more experienced assistance to seamlessly take over and help until the issue is resolved.

A solely reactive approach


Yes, in customer service it’s important to respond to any incoming enquiries. But, it’s also important to be proactive in your customer service – something business don’t always have the resources for.  

There is customer service software that can monitor statistics such as the last time a customer was in contact with you, for example. Then your customer service agents can be the one to get in touch with the customer and make sure they’re still happy with your service. It pays to be proactive in customer service to have your customers remain loyal and choose your business every time.

A solution to all of the above


If you want to perfect your customer service and not have to worry about being understaffed, under qualified or under-resourced in terms of the latest technologies, there is a single solution.

What you need is a business process outsourcing call centre service. This is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company that can see to all of your customer service needs. Their resources will be at your disposal when you choose to use their business process outsourcing services for your customer support. You will be able to remain focused on providing that quality product or service to your customers and they will take care of the necessary customer interactions. It really is a simple way to avoid all of the above errors.

How business process outsourcing can save your business

It’s not uncommon for startup, small and even large businesses to find themselves running out of money and facing the reality of having to close their doors. But before business owners give up hope and throw in the towel on their big career dreams, there’s a service option out there for them to consider.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is when businesses make use of a third-party company’s services to take over and transform their business operations. Through BPO, you can save your business from more troubles than just financial ones. There are so many business benefits to business process outsourcing services and if you haven’t given it a try in your business yet, this might just be your saving grace.

Popular BPO services that companies choose to hand over to a third-party BOP company include document conversion, data processing, contact centre outsourcing, human resources, customer service, systems integration and invoice processing amongst many more.

Business process outsourcing will save your business money, provide new market opportunities, give you the chance to affordably work with professionals and gain a competitive edge above your competitors. All of which, together, can save your company as a whole.

BPO will save you money and time

Not every business can afford all the corporate departments, professionals and relevant technologies that support those job roles. By turning an outsourcing company for help, you’ll be saving the business money on hiring new talent, training new staff and financing new equipment.

Your BPO company already has the resources you need and once you choose to work with them, they’re at your disposal. This is the first way in which BPO companies reduce operational costs in a business. And as business owners, there will always be more places where money can be saved and invested for future opportunities.

By handing over some of your business processes to an outsourcing company, you’ll also be saving yourself time from having to do those admin tasks every day. When time is money, that’s another way for you to save in business. It also means that you’ll have an extra resource of time to distribute to the more business-focused aspects of the company.  

BPO allows for focus on core business

Unfortunately, owning and running a business isn’t as simple as having a business idea based on something you’re passionate about doing. There are other elements required to run a company that may not be your greatest strengths.

With BPO, you can hand over those frustrating but mandatory business processes over and focus solely on the parts of the business that make you happy. You’ll have more time to focus on the core business processes and spend more time being hands-on than having to sit at your desk with piles of paperwork.  

BPO offers the best talent in the business

Recruiting and retaining top talent in the industry can be an expensive venture on the business account. Especially when each department needs their own proficient manager. When you choose to outsource your business processes, you are offered the best talent in the business. They will take over your outsourced departments at a fraction of the cost that the business would have paid to do it themselves.

This means business owners can rest assured knowing that their company is in qualified and talented hands.

BPO gives access to new technologies

When you want to save on resources in your business, the best methods usually include hiring top talent and using the latest technologies. Business process outsourcing offers both. We’ve just mentioned how it offers the best talents in the business. But you should know that those people are using the latest technology to do your work for you. Again, at a fraction of the cost.

When you choose your BPO service company, you should take a look at what technologies they use and how they will be able to raise your business to the forefront of development in its industry.

BPO provides a competitive edge

With a BPOs talent and technology doing your business operations, your company will have a competitive edge above your other industry competitors. At the least, it will bring you up to the standard that the big names in the industry are operating at.

For example, if you were to use a contact centre as a service, you could extend your client service and support hours to 24/7. That BPO contact centre company would allow your business to accommodate local and international clients which would increase your business’ appeal and improve your customer service. And, just like that, you have more to offer than your corporate peers. With BPO, you can expect an increase in sales and consider your business saved.

If you feel like your business is starting to decline, make sure you consider all the ways business process outsourcing can help save your business.

What to look for in a BPO service for your business

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a popular service that businesses choose to make use of. By outsourcing some of the more mundane and non-directly-business-related tasks, they can focus on core business processes and reduce operating costs. These, amongst other benefits, have created a demand for BPO companies which has been catered for. The issue, now, is to try and choose the correct outsourcing centre for your business.

You need to know what to look for in a BPO company, whether it’s for human resources, a contact centre company or financial outsourcing. Each outsourced operation concerns the wellbeing of your business, so you cannot afford to hire a BPO service company which won’t do your business justice.

Understands business goals


Your BPO company needs to understand your business goals in order to approach and perform their processes the same way you would if you had decided to undertake those tasks. More importantly, you need to establish what your outsourcing goals are with the company you’re considering.

Knowing exactly what you want out of an outsourcing centre will make it easier to find one that can accommodate most, if not all, of those goals. If you’re looking to reduce operations costs, provide a contact centre as a service, enhance your customers’ experience or see a return on investment through outsourcing, you need to find a company that is willing to help you achieve that.    

Industry proficiency


When browsing for a contact centre company, for example, you need to think beyond the service offering of handling your customer service department. You need to know that they are at least knowledgeable in your industry.

It’s important to your customers that they are able to communicate their issue and have the consultant on the other end understand and know exactly how to help them. When you look for a BPO service, make sure they have trained employees with an industry background that covers your type of work.

You find this out by asking about previous clients and industries that they’ve dealt with. The idea is to have it be an in-house level of service from an outsourced centre. And if you’re confident that the company you choose can deliver that, then they’re likely a good fit for your business.

Turnover rate


If you’re spending money on a company in return for a service, you want to know that the employees of that company are treated well. Take a look at a BPO company’s turnover rate before you make a final decision.

An outsourcing centres’ greatest asset is their people and their people become your concern when you entrust the wellness of your business processes in their hands. Employee morale and satisfaction in your BPO company is indirectly your concern as it can have an effect on the quality of service they give your customers on your behalf.

Not to mention that employees at outsourcing centres need to be trained and the higher the turnover rate, the more new employees need to be trained which could increase the rates you were initially offered.

Range of technology

One of the advantages of using a business process outsource service is that you don’t need to find a way to finance the latest technology and equipment for those services in-office. You simply pay for the service from an outsourcing company which already has these assets available to them. Well, that’s the idea anyway.

When you’re in the process of finding a BPO service, find out about the technology and systems they use to do their outsourcing tasks. This is an opportunity for you to invest in a range of technologies at an affordable price and use it for the benefit of your business. And just like that, you have an opportunity to compete with larger businesses and be considered an industry-forward business.

Clear communication

Another thing you need to look for in a BPO company is clear communication. Especially if it’s a contact centre company (for obvious reasons). You need to be able to trust this company to take care of your customers and to keep you informed.

Developing a relationship with your outsource centre is important to ensure that there’s transparency in your conversations. You need to be clear about what you want and they need to be clear about how they are implementing that. More so, they need to be able to provide detailed reports that can show you where you’re getting a return on your investment (ROI) and how it’s working for your business.

It should be easy to negotiate, set terms and collaborate with your BPO partner. You both have the same goals for your business so there needs to be trust in this partnership – together you will make your business better.

No one can tell you which outsourcing company to use. It’s up to you to do your research, match your goals to their offerings and find a company that you’re comfortable with. It might take time, but it’s not a process you can afford to rush.