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Helpful tips on how to boost staff morale

Every employer would love to see their staff happy, but there are times when staff morale is low. Low morale can lead to low quality of work and absenteeism.

Here are seven helpful tips to ensure that you boost your staff’s morale.

Motivate your employees

It’s important to keep your employees motivated. When you motivate your employees, they are more than happy to do their work. If they work well, your company reaches its goals and makes money.

Always try to make them realise that they are part of something big and make them feel valued.

Praise them when they are doing well

Employees love praise, especially when they’ve done a good job. Don’t be one of those bosses who only focuses on the negative or work they haven’t got to yet. If you only look at their mistakes, chances are that you’ll demotivate them and that’s bad for the business.

If you praise your employee when they’ve done a good job, it’s likely that they will keep doing a good job. Once your employees see their colleagues getting praised for working hard, they will also up their game.

Productivity will always be high if your employees are happy. You need to keep in mind that people don’t like employers who take them for granted. They’re more likely to leave if they’re taken for granted.

Showing appreciation doesn’t have to be a huge gesture, a simple lunch or coffee date is enough. Just so that they know they are being appreciated.

Team building

Team building is a great way to boost morale. It gives your employees time to be themselves and to get to know each other. It’s also a great way to build good relationships and improve productivity. happy employees produce good work.

Team building helps with communication. Once employees spend time together outside of work, it helps them communicate more. Communication is very important, it’s a skill which helps in problem-solving. Communication brings your employees together, allowing them to ask for help when they need it.

Have a better office environment

An office environment can have a negative or positive impact on employees. Try to make it a calm, tension-free office. If your employees wish to address an issue, they should feel free to do so.

Incorporate things that can help employees to relax, such as massages.

Work can become very stressful, so having a massage once in a while for your employees could be a good idea. It helps employees relax. Some employees can’t afford it or don’t have time to go get a massage. The benefits of massages in the workplace are:

  • As mentioned before, it’s a stress reliever.
  • It decreases anxiety and depression. You don’t always know what they’re going through. This is a great way to help them.
  • It alleviates muscle tension and pain.
  • A massage can increase staff morale.

Coffee vending machine

People love coffee. There are millions of people who survive on coffee. A coffee machine is great for the office, ask any coffee drinker. It also has many benefits for your employees, such as:

  • It improves productivity, helps employees fight the urge to sleep and it helps to stay fresh and alert.
  • It helps with networking. When you’re taking a coffee break, it gives you an opportunity to communicate with your employees.
  • Coffee makes people happy.

There are a number of commercial coffee machines you can choose from in South Africa, such as a Nestlé coffee machine, Nestlé coffee machines, or Gusto Circolo coffee machines.

Having a coffee machine makes things easier for you and your employees. Now they won’t have to go to a coffee shop to get an espresso.

Be honest and transparent

In order for you to work well with your employees, you need to be honest and transparent. People work well with people that they trust. Lying to your employees won’t do you any good. If you promised to do something or give them feedback on an issue, do so. Morale decreases once employers aren’t trusted.


Communicating with your employees on a regular basis is important. You don’t need to communicate the ins and outs of the business. However, you should always keep them informed about company changes that can affect them.

Also, try to have conversations with your employees, ask them how they are and get to know them better.

Be respectful towards them

Having respect for the people you work with is key. If you respect people, they will also respect you too. Respect your employees’ time and don’t keep them late after meetings. Know that they also need their time, some have children or are studying part-time.

Respect their efforts, respect their work and acknowledge them and say thank you when you need to. Employees feel appreciated if they’re shown the respect that they deserve.

5 things to know before approaching investors

Starting a business is fun until you need to finance your idea. While it might seem scary to search for financial assistance, but if you’re able to put your idea in front of the right people who believe in your idea, they will assist you in providing the funds you need to build your dream. Before you approach potential investors, you need to understand the role of an investor and exactly what they expect from you and your business idea. Here are a few important tips to take into consideration:

Do a background check on them  

When you approach a specific investor or lender, you need to have a clear understanding of their background. For example, who they’ve worked with before and what type of experience they have in funding businesses. It’s important to know that they are a successful, thriving business and are able to assist you. If you are approaching someone specific in a company, it’s even more important to go the extra mile and learn more about the individual. This will help you to understand the type of person they are, and it will also make the sales pitch easier when you know who you’re speaking to. At the end of the day, you are selling your idea to someone who will hopefully “buy it”. Personalise your approach according to the person on the receiving end, as that will help you to appeal to the investor’s interests. If there are any concerns or issues that might arise during your pitch, having some knowledge on their background will help you to communicate with them on a more personal level about your business.

Look at previous investments of theirs

During your research process, you will learn about the businesses your potential investor has invested in before. This will give you an understanding of the type of business they’re interested in and want to contribute to. For example, you cannot approach someone who invests in security software with your quirky product that can assist with travel automation and queries. You need to align your needs with someone who wants to help businesses like yours grow. Pitching your idea to the wrong person is not going to solve your problem, so make sure that you’re approaching the right investor for your business.

Make sure you’re ready for an investment opportunity

When you learn about your potential investor, you will need to secure a meeting when you are at the right stage in your business. Every private investor or investment business has their own requirements that they favour, and this usually refers to your business’ growth. For example, does your potential investor want to invest in businesses during the seed stage or the early stage development of a business? Many investors want to be able to see an established business whereas others want to invest in the startup idea and help your business grow in the beginning stages. It is not recommended that you approach a company if your business does not fall into their investment interests so be sure to do your research.

Choose according to the investment amount

The next step in your process is finding how much your potential investor or lending company is willing to offer you. This all depends on what you are seeking finance for in your business. For example, if you need to buy equipment and machinery with your funds, you will need to see how much you would qualify for beforehand. Use an online asset finance calculator available to South African businesses to see how much you would qualify for at your preferred lender.

Believe in yourself and your business

The amount you see on the asset finance calculator is not always guaranteed. So, don’t give up on yourself or on your business idea for that matter because of what you see or think you might only be able to qualify for. Do your homework and make sure that you put yourself in front of the right person or company. If you are a first-time finance seeker, this is going to be an overwhelming experience, but practice makes perfect.

5 Ways to spend your business loan wisely

Business owners take out business loans for a variety of reasons, be it to get their business started or to invest in areas of their current business to help them expand and grow. The important part of taking out a business loan, however, is knowing exactly what you’re going to spend it on. And it’s important because this is how you will generate a profit to pay off the loan for maximum return on investment (ROI). When you know what you need it for, you’ll be able to use the business loan calculator to work out how much you’ll need and how much it will cost you every month to pay it off.

As a business owner, you need to make sure you spend your loan wisely and focus on the core areas of your company. We’re going to look at a few business expenses that could benefit from a business finance loan. You know better than anyone what your business needs are, and you should keep them in mind while reading through the options below.


A core asset in any business is their inventory. The product you offer your clients is what leads to sales and profit – a goal for most companies. When you apply for business finance, you have an opportunity to invest in your inventory and improve or restock in order to increase sales.

This is how you provide higher quality products and meet the demands of your customers. It’s a surefire way to earn an ROI for your business loan and have happy customers.   


For both service- and product-based companies, the business equipment that is used to manufacture products or provide services is a crucial asset. Equipment is a large expense for  businesses to buy, new or used, and there are still other costs involved in owning the equipment.

Depending on the equipment, business owners might have to pay to store the equipment somewhere safe. But for all types of equipment, there are operation, training, insurance and maintenance costs that need to be included in the business’ budget. Machinery, computers, cameras, tools and even vehicles can be considered as business equipment. Just be sure to read up on any business vehicle finance requirements when looking for vehicle-specific financial solutions.

With a business loan, you will be able to afford the costs of owning your equipment but you’ll also be able to buy more equipment and increase your production capacity. This will allow you to provide more for your customers and further increase your ROI.


Investing in your equipment and technology practically goes hand-in-hand. Upgrading your equipment and integrating the latest technologies into your business processes will open up possibilities.

Technology is becoming increasingly important in all business operations across every industry. The more up-to-date your business technology is, the better your chances of being able to offer your customers the best service.

Technology is a great way to invest in your company, and is certainly a wise way to spend a business loan. It has the ability to improve product and service quality, reduce operation costs, increase a project’s turnaround time and, overall, make work easier for each employee. If a technology seems complicated, it’s only going to prove a convenience for the company and should, therefore, be invested in.

Customers and clients are also more attracted to the latest and greatest on the market. With new technologies at your disposal, you will have an edge above your competitors and the advancements that customers are looking for. And that’s how spending your business financing on technology will encourage an ROI.   

Digital marketing

Your website and online campaigns are an important aspect of marketing your business. Great marketing leads to new customers, an increase in sales and a better brand reputation. You aren’t relevant if you aren’t invested in your business’ digital marketing efforts. Spending part of your loan on your online presence will make you visible on the internet and provide a new channel of communication with your customer base. And all of that will be in your company’s favour for an ROI.


Another wise business loan spend would be on recruitment. People are one of the greatest assets in a business. Sometimes you would need a business loan to help attain and retain the top talent in your company. They are the ones who are able to innovate and set your business as a benchmark in the industry. They are the people who your client base interact with and who, in that regard, uphold your quality service and reputation.

Any of the above business assets would benefit from a business loan. Be sure to assess your company’s needs before you apply for business finance and be prepared to allocate the funds accordingly.

Fun ways to start company meetings that are actually productive

Meetings are never something that we look forward to with bated breath. In fact, many employees dread going into their morning meetings because they know how boring and unproductive their time will be. You can change this mindset, however, by introducing some fun and simple elements into the start of your meetings.

One example is to start with a dessert cook-off, giving everyone a dessert recipes PDF to follow from and create a delicious snack to eat during the meeting. Still not sure where to start to make your meeting fun? Read on below for some unique ways to start company meetings that are actually productive.

Start with a joke…

… and encourage others to make one. Positive emotions at work lead to more productive work days, including meetings that have good end results. Starting your meeting with an appropriate joke will allow everyone to relax, and if you allow your employees to make a joke of their own, they will feel entertained and appreciated.

You will need to remember to keep your joke appropriate and not mention anything that will offend your staff. Keep it light and entertaining (a “dad joke” will suffice) and ensure that the rest of your employees follow suit. You will find the mood of the meeting improving and becoming more conducive to productivity. Make a game out of it by asking everyone to rate the jokes for funniness.

Play a pop quiz

Ideally, the quiz should focus on the topic of the meeting. For example, if you are coming up with marketing ideas for a catering company, give everyone a dessert recipes PDF and ask them to name at least three different desserts that the caterers could make.

This is a great way to ensure productivity, as it will require your staff to read through the meeting notes beforehand and have ideas in their minds already. A pop quiz will ensure that everyone is aware of all aspects of the client, such as marketing strategies and financial status. Make the pop quiz fun and engaging rather than something that makes them feel like they’ve been put on the spot and awkward.

Do something unexpected

More often than not, your meetings follow a particular setup. You start with a briefing and then work your way down the to-do list for a client or project. And while this is effective in tight-deadline situations, it can become boring if it is your go-to routine for meetings.

You could change this by taking your team for a morning walk, have a meditation period before the meeting starts, or heading to a local coffee shop for a cuppa before the to-do list is brought out. By changing your routine, your staff will feel more productive and have a more creative mindset. Be sure to ask your employees for any dietary restrictions before heading off to a coffee shop or restaurant, as you will need to be inclusive of everybody.

Foodie fun for everyone

A dessert recipes PDF shared among your staff before the meeting will grab their attention. It will let them know that the start of the meeting will be a delicious one, especially if you have included a cooking class to go along with the recipe booklet.

You could have a hot dog creation cook-off or you could ask each employee to bring their favourite breakfast food to the meeting (with enough for everyone to try, of course) and rotate this by departments. Eating during a meeting can make it feel more relaxed and will encourage your staff to think creatively. As long as it does not become too distracting, a meeting geared towards foodie fun can be fantastic for productivity.

Invite a speaker

If your meeting is focusing on specific topic or client, you can set the mood and inspire your staff by inviting a guest speaker who is an expert on the topic or someone from your client’s company to provide unique insights.

Inviting a vibrant and interesting speaker will help to boost the productivity and creativity of the meeting significantly. It will allow your staff to see things in a new way or approach a problem from a different perspective. If you cannot find a speaker who is suitable, you could ask different teams to create a presentation about their current and upcoming work.

Keep it short and sweet

While it might be necessary to have long meetings about important topics, if it is not needed in every meeting, you should try to keep them short and to the point. This way your employees will not lose concentration and they will be able to provide you with creative ideas to solutions. Start off with a fun beginning and you will soon find your employees sitting up, taking notice and thinking out of the box.

Top ways volunteering can help boost your business

Volunteering might not sound like something that could boost your business, but customers see companies who volunteer as being more honest, trustworthy and authentic than others. And customers are the backbone of any business.

So, not only does volunteering help the cause you choose, it could bring in more business too. You could donate time or money to Doctors Without Borders in Kenya, or you could choose to help an animal charity by donating food and blankets. If you are not convinced you should look into volunteering to build your business, read on below for the top ways it can help.

It helps to encourage healthier employees

Your employees might enjoy working for your company, but volunteering can make them happier and healthier in other ways. If you are doing something you enjoy and feel good about, the neurotransmitter known as dopamine is released. Dopamine is known as being able to improve your well-being, your capacity to learn and your happiness.

Happier employees means healthier employees, which is one of the major benefits of volunteering. With healthier and happier employees, your business will flourish and productivity levels will rise. Even if you only spend an hour at a charity handing out soup and bread for the homeless, you will notice a marked improvement in the mood of your employees. Be sure to ask them for ideas on which causes are meaningful to them so everyone feels included.

You will have a chance to network

Volunteering for charities such as Doctors Without Borders in Kenya allows you to network with other like-minded people and businesses. You might meet business leaders and other entrepreneurs who can help to take your business to the next level, or other businesses from your industry with whom you can form amicable partnerships.

You might find a contact who can help your business with a resource or service that you do not have the time or resources to fulfil. While you are certainly not volunteering with business or recruiting goals in mind, you might find a young, talented person who would be the perfect fit for your company. You could give them your business card to use when the time is right or you could offer to set up an interview once their volunteer period is over.

It will boost creative thinking

Volunteering for organisations, such as Doctors Without Borders in Kenya or other countries, requires you to be able to think on your feet. And this means you have to be able to think creatively. Unique and positive activities will encourage creative thinking in your employees, which will translate into their daily working lives.

As a business owner, you need to be able to think creatively and handle pressure without cracking. Volunteering is the perfect way to do this and you will be helping a worthy cause at the same time. Being a part of something good and meaningful will motivate your employees to continue operating at the best level possible, including thinking creatively about solutions for business problems.

You can generate publicity

Volunteering is all about giving back, but it can also help your business to generate more publicity. For example, if you are a boutique clothing store, you could donate half of your unsold stock to a homeless shelter or marketing companies could offer to improve the social media presence of animal shelters.

You can use these volunteering opportunities to generate publicity for your business. Post to your business’ Facebook page about a project you have been working on or send out a press release about a charity you volunteered for. It will allow clients and customers to see your business as more “human” and authentic and it will bring in more revenue too.

Improve the skills of your employees

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have employees with updated skills. But you might not have thought that volunteering can help to improve these skills. They will learn how to be more organised, how to manage their time and could even learn some unique skills, depending on the organisation or charity you choose to volunteer for.

Having employees with improved skills will boost your business by making them more productive and knowledgeable. They will be able to bring more to the table after volunteering and could even have some interesting ideas for solutions that you might never have thought of before.

Help others and help yourself

Volunteering is something that not only helps the cause but the people who are giving aid too. You will feel happier and healthier after volunteering, as will your employees. You will also have a chance to network with other business leaders and industry experts as well as the chance to generate publicity for your brand. So, why not look for a local charity or cause that needs a helping hand and offer your services to them? You will be providing assistance to those who need it the most and boosting your own business at the same time.