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How the digital era has impacted art

Digital technology and the internet has had a significant impact on the transition of art. From the days of using raw materials to express your emotions, the digital world has now diversified art and made it easier for artists to tell their story. Although positive, it has also made it increasingly difficult for artists to compete with other innovative minds. This means that they really have to stretch their imaginations to be noticed.  

Especially for artists who want to compete with the international world, the digital space has made it easier to transform drawings, through digital tools, to enhance the creative aspect of the art piece. The internet has also proven to be helpful, as it can provide inspiration and it connect artists with each other and their viewers online. These three things have led to a massive shift in arts and culture.

Understanding digital art

With the rapid development of digital innovations, digital still cannot compete with the human mind. Creativity cannot be compared on a digital scale, so as much as the digital age and the advent of a new millennium is impacting art, it’s only influencing the direction of which medium is used when creating art.  

There will always be mixed emotions about technology and art because people feel that it has taken away the unique aspect of perfecting your work by hand, and others have chosen to embrace the change it’s brought. But what people forget to remember is that as much as our lives and worlds change, so to do our expressions, both in what we feel and how we wish to express it. These are all contributing factors that technology is helping us achieve. For example, before the digital era, artists would have to buy vast amounts of equipment to help them create and execute their work, but today people have direct access to these resources online. They’re able to learn more techniques and tools to benefit their creativity.

A great example of how technology has transformed African art is how easy it is for artists to bring their message across with abstract resource which really resonates with their audiences. There are so many types of creative technology that can help to enhance your piece of work, such as animation, illustration and audiovisuals. All of these play a role in speeding up the production and quality of your work.

Whether you make use of animation and moving visuals to create digital art or stick to your more traditional hand-painted art, the internet is still helping artists to get their work out there, and be appreciated by people who may not have been able to find their work before. Quite simply, the internet has made it possible for people to interact with others over a particular interest, which is what artists need to seek inspiration.  

The benefits of the internet

There new forms of art that you can experience today are net art, digital installation art and virtual reality, which have all had an impact on traditional art. The entertainment industries are making use of these types of art more often to complement their works of art, which in turn supports the artists and their work.

New and existing artists have turned to the internet to help jump-start their careers, as the internet provides the opportunity for them to get their work viewed and appreciated by millions across the globe, not just at your local art gallery. The digital word offers endless benefits, and becoming known is only one. It’s a great space for people to sell their work online and to become categorised under a specific niche.

The bottom line

It’s because of the internet that people are starting to understand the message behind art and appreciate creativity for what it is. Although people may feel that technology has disrupted the African art industries, and changed the way people perceive it, the internet has only influenced it. No matter how advanced technology and the internet becomes, the idea is generated by a human mind. Without the human aspect, there wouldn’t be creativity and purpose. People wouldn’t be able to convey messages through art.

Much like every other aspect of life, technology helps to solve problems and make life easier for us. When you help artists through technology, not only are they able to complete a job faster, but they are able to become known, appreciated and valued for their talent across the globe. Again, without the artist, the paintbrush would not be able to produce the work. The advancement in technology and the internet should not be seen as a threat, but rather as an element to assist with the progress. In fact, it’s a helping aid for artists to better express themselves through creative mediums. Just what they’ve always wanted.