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Social Media Marketing

Promote Your Business With Facebook

Facebook can be a magnificent marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.  This is the main reason why one should include this free, easy strategy when making considering your overall business plan.

A mistake that countless entrepreneurs make when it comes to social media, like Facebook, is the belief that these types of websites are merely beneficial for large companies/businesses that have big, recognizable brand names. In actual fact – Facebook can be used by basically any type of business.

Facebook is gaining unheard-of amounts of popularity nowadays. There are millions upon millions of people who are now using Facebook around the globe. In other words – this social network will supply business owners with the best possible opportunities of attracting more customers.
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Social Media for B2B

On a daily basis, I talk to b2b marketing leaders who are putting together and defending social media marketing strategies  with the purpose of reaching business buyers. Many of the conversations sound like this: “We’ve created a Twitter account and Facebook page, but we’re not getting many followers, what do we do next?”

Too many b2b marketers use social tools as just another channel for pushing out press releases and product promotions. Your prospective buyers don’t care.  In the same manner that they tune out television commercials and ads, they get turned off by companies that push commercial messages through social channels.

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