Revamping your office

Most of us spend about 40 hours per week at work – in other words, the majority of our time per day. Your workspace needs to be as interesting as your profession. Spaces impact our energy levels, moods and the comfort level at which we work. We spend most of our working hours in office, so it needs to be designed in a way that fosters creativity, productivity and cheerfulness.

Gone are the days when offices meant staid and clinical spaces. From lighting, design and decor to fun elements like wall murals, quirky stationery and colours. Everything can reflect your professional personality and make anyone who works there look forward to coming to the office in the morning. Here are seven ideas for when revamping your office space.

Getting a new office

A new office is a blank canvas, a space you can mould and shape according to your tastes and needs. Office decor needs to strike a fine balance between design and functionality. You have the freedom to play around with furniture, colour and other elements until you get just the right environment. While at that, you can also look for ways to upgrade the security and sign in system. Check out the turnstiles prices, perhaps you can install that for employees to sign in.

Designing office cubicles

A cubicle is your personal space. It should be as unique as you are. A cubicle gives you the freedom to add your quirky, classy or dreamy touch to it. Go ahead, bring your personality to your office and make your work hours pass by easily.

Chair ideas

You might consider it as just one of the furniture types that you’ll buy along with the rest of the office furniture. Look at it closely and you’ll realise that a chair is a piece of furniture that’ll impact the physical health of you and your employees the most. Put in great thought and look for good ones as it’s an investment for your health.

Wall murals for the office

There’s nothing more uplifting at a workplace than beautiful illustrations filled with colours and designs that tell you ‘Let’s make the best of this day’. Wall murals are trending nowadays as they can completely transform the look and feel of a space. Invest in one and watch the energy levels soar in your office. Visitors will love and remember them, too. Also, colours are a part of the background and they influence the overall look and feel of the office. Dull colours will make you feel sluggish where bright colours will cheer you up. Then deep colours will give your office an air of professionalism.

Closed or open layout

Many employees debate over whether the open office layout helps or hinders productivity. It’s clear that noise is an issue in most work spaces. Noise interruptions during simple tasks actually provide stimulation to keep working effectively. However, interruptions during complex work can cause individuals to take longer time to reorient.