Requirements needed to be a good security guard


Security guards play an important role in keeping a place secure. They help protect schools, banks, building complexes and businesses. And in order to do a proficient job, they need to be equipped with the best training and equipment.

Here are a few basic requirements a security guard should have.


A security guard needs to be fit. They need to exercise regularly and be in a healthy weight range. If they find themselves huffing and puffing after a short run, they won’t perform optimally. They need to be in the best physical shape.

A keen eye for detail

They need to have an eye for detail and be able to notice anything missing or that shouldn’t be at a certain place. By doing so, they could be able to detect if anyone is stealing from the company. They also need to carry a pen and notepad with them in order to jot down any strange activity which they may encounter.


They need to have a good memory because they’ll need to remember details about incidents which have occurred during their shift and be able to report them in detail. The better the memory the security guard has, the easier their job will be. They’ll also need to remember names, and people’s faces.

Checking and monitoring

A security guard needs to make sure all the rules are obeyed. For example, visitors coming into the building could enter a mantrap where they’ll be scanned for weapons. If the visitors fail the scan, they won’t be allowed to pass through the facility. And the guards need to take the necessary measures to control the situation.  

Good eyesight

A security guard needs to have a 20/20 vision. They should have excellent long distance vision and be able to see well at night. They are the eyes and ears of the building and they need to take note of any incidents they witness.

These are the essential equipment a security guard needs:


Security guards spend a large portion of their time on their feet. They may have to patrol and survey a place. So, they need to have comfortable boots which they can wear for long periods of time. Rubber sole boots are usually better than leather sole boots as they are more comfortable and offer better support. The boots they wear will have an impact on how sore their feet are at the end of the day and it could also affect their back. They should also be durable and high quality so they can last for a long time. If they’re low quality, they’ll have to be replaced more frequently.


A security guard will also need a baton to protect themselves and the people around them. The presence of a baton is also likely to deter any perpetrators who want to cause trouble.  


Every security guard needs a flashlight to assist them. They will need to be able to see at night, especially in the areas which have poor lighting. A flashlight can also be used as a weapon to protect themselves if they don’t have a baton around. The security guard should be trained on how to use the flashlight as a weapon before they use it.

Duty belt

Carrying items in your hands while running after a perpetrator is unrealistic. Which is why security guards should have a duty belt. A duty belt will help them carry keys, flashlights and gloves. The duty belt is a necessity for the security guard because it makes things easier and they’ll have everything they need at their disposal.


Security guards should be equipped with gloves. They should have latex gloves and heavy duty gloves. An emergency might arise where they may need to perform first aid. The security guard will need to have latex gloves at his disposal in order to help out. The security guard will also spend time patrolling the place at night, in harsh winter temperatures and they’ll need heavy duty gloves to protect them from the cold.

Pepper spray

Most security guards don’t carry guns around and when a perpetrator approaches them they need to be ready with something which will deter them. Pepper spray is a good tool to use on anyone who attacks them. Pepper spray is an excellent self-defence tool because although it temporarily blinds the perpetrator, it does not cause permanent damage like a gun would. Pepper spray could help the security guard in a life and death situation.

In order for a security guard to do their work as efficiently as possible, they need to be highly trained, be fit and healthy and have the right equipment.