Adobe Releases New Easy Website Designers’ Tool

Muse, that is the code name given for Adobe’s new website design tool has been made publically available on Monday 14 August 2011. While still in beta stage, Muse has been created  to target designers who wish to design and publish websites who do not  have any coding skills. Dreamweaver will live on!

“The ability to build Web sites as easily as laying out a page in InDesign is one of the most popular requests from our design customers,” Lea Hickman, vice president of Design and Web product management at Adobe, said in a statement. “Those who have tested Muse are thrilled that something this intuitive yet powerful is now available.”

Muse breaks website design and publishing down into four stages:

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Preview
  • Publish

Website designers can look forward to a extremely superior application that provides a code-free design experience. For those who still prefer to have a handle on their HTML and CSS, Adobe has released a mid-cycle CS5.5 Suite.

Apple to Sue Samsung

Apple, makers of iPad are to pursue the matter of their tablet being ‘slavishly’ copied by Samsung. The court date has been set for 25 August. At this point in time Samsung is banned from importing and exporting their Galaxy Tab across mot of the Eurpean Union. The device is still however for sale at most retailers as the injunction does not cover 3rd party retailers that already had stock.

Google to Buy Motorola Mobility

In a deal that is expected exceed $12bn Google had announced a deal to buy Motorola Mobility. The deal is expected to be closed at the end of this year or early 2012. Many of Motorola Mobility’s handsets already uses Google’s Android. The deal is further set “supercharge” the andorid system according to a statement. Google said it would continue to run Mobility as a separate business. Motorola Mobility came about when Motorola split into two separate companies.

SEO Resource Services

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SEO Company Functions

What should you look for in a SEO Company after you have decided that this function needs to be outsourced? Here a few basic things that you can ask them before you even make your way to that first meeting. Check whether they offer,

  • Industry Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Execute Content Strategy
  • META Data Optimisation
  • On-page Optimisation
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Management
  • Local Search

While this list may not be super conclusive, it does provide the basic guidelines to avoid you spending money on SEO services you do not need. Your SEO Company should offer services that are inline with your business goals.