The Importance of your Landing Page

A landing page is the first page that a visitor to a website “lands” on when clicking on a link or submitting a URL.

These landing pages are used by advertisers to welcome visitors to the page after they click through. The effectiveness of your landing page can be measured by how well the click-through rate relates to the end goal of the website, whether that be for downloads, subscriptions, sales, etc.

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What is this new “Mobile Search Engine Optimisation?”

What is this new “Mobile Search Engine Optimisation?”


The internet is quickly becoming mobile and everybody is joining in with the party! Smart phones and Mobile web browsers are transforming the mobile world into a jumble of online shops, sites, advertisements and more!  The entire online world is going mobile and if you would like to sustain your online reputation, you would want to become mobile as well.

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Signage Company Website Rocks!

Assignment3 is an advertising, printing and signage company in Cape Town, South Africa. Regarded as the best Signage Company in Cape Town this team has come up with a superb website design. Rich with media, perfect social media integration and professional SEO Services  are the elements that make the Assignment3 website. In our books this site scores high in all aspects, from design and usability to technical structure. The design is striking and the so is the browsing experience.