Promote Your Business With Facebook

Facebook can be a magnificent marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.  This is the main reason why one should include this free, easy strategy when making considering your overall business plan.

A mistake that countless entrepreneurs make when it comes to social media, like Facebook, is the belief that these types of websites are merely beneficial for large companies/businesses that have big, recognizable brand names. In actual fact – Facebook can be used by basically any type of business.

Facebook is gaining unheard-of amounts of popularity nowadays. There are millions upon millions of people who are now using Facebook around the globe. In other words – this social network will supply business owners with the best possible opportunities of attracting more customers.
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Let’s catch up – I’ll meet you at the water cooler

In this day and age, most of us are so busy that we barely get time for anything – even a simple chat gets rushed as we hurry to make that next appointment. An office water cooler presents people with an opportunity to catch up and engage in some idle chit-chat and enjoy some ice cold water.

The office water cooler is an inevitable meeting point. It starts with one person as they feel the need for that thirst quenching glass (or cup in this case…hmm…..doesn’t quite sound as appealing) only to find that their colleague had the same idea and apparently so did ten other people. Before you can blink you have a new age urban watering hole. Some gossip gets thrown around and then it’s back to work.

How does a water cooler work & what types do you get?

A water-cooler serves to cool and dispense water. Water coolers that come without bottles are usually connected to the main water supply, while bottled water coolers require new bottles of water from time to time. Water coolers are gaining in popularity around the world and people are starting to realise the health and convenience benefits that they offer.

A bottleless water cooler is connected directly to the main water supply which eliminates the need for bottles to be replaced. If you purchase a bottled water cooler then eventually the water will run out and need to be replaced. Whoever replaces them will need to be strong – they weigh a ton!

A larger company may opt for a mains water cooler simply because it takes care of the need to constantly replace a bottle because so many people are using it. If a company is smaller, they can usually get away with a bottled cooler. Something else that should be pointed out is the price of replacement bottles – having to buy these bottles for a large company will become expensive quite quickly.

Which one to choose? It’s up to you. The best way to go about making a decision is to consider how many people you employ. Find out how much water the average replacement bottle holds. If every person had a cup at the same time, would one bottle have enough in it?


Practising Patient Safety

Mistakes do have consequences, some more so than others. The consequence of making a mistake in business could mean that you fail to make a profit and the business ends up going into liquidation. A big deal to be sure but not life threatening.

Mistakes in the medical profession have far greater implications because people’s lives are in the equation. Errors in the medical field affects one in every ten patients and fifty percent of these errors are considered preventable.

Yes, doctors are human like the rest of us and mistakes do happen, but the fact that fifty percent of these errors are considered preventable is a cause for concern.

Patient safety and healthcare accreditation is a fairly new practice. The first patient safety resolution was passed by the world health assembly in May 2002. The resolution highlighted the responsibilities of the WHO in providing guidance to countries on developing reporting systems, creating awareness and research on patient safety.

In recent years a number of accreditation associations have appeared in the hopes of continued improvement in quality of healthcare in public and private hospitals.

The goals of accreditation agencies are as follows:

1. To ensure that an acceptable level of quality is maintained across the board in terms of medical equipment, facilities and service delivery.

2. To minimize human error and the occurrence of accidents by ensuring that healthcare providers follow certain precautions.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the patient safety issues consider this: In 1999, in the United States alone, a brief by Dr. Lucian Leape confirmed that over one million people were injured by errors in treatment every year. Out of those one million, 120 000 were fatal. That’s a pretty big number when you think about it.  In fact, less people were dying in car accidents than from complications arising due to medical error.

Initially these numbers were alarming but they are improving and will continue to do so thanks to the accreditation organizations who continue to monitor and improve systems and processes at hospitals and clinics around the world.

What SEO Can Do Your For Your Website

Firstly, it is essential to understand exactly what SEO is in order for you to understand how SEO can help your business. Even if you have a basic understanding of how Search Engine Optimisation works, the truth of the matter is that one has to experience the power of SEO in order to fully comprehend the impact it can make on both your website and your business.


If two companies open up in Cape Town and both companies are selling the same products/services, how do they expect to compete against each other? If both of these companies decide that an online presence is important and they both create a website, which company will have the highest chance of driving the most traffic to their website?

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