How the digital age affects marketing

online-marketing-1246457_960_720There are many students studying marketing diplomas or degrees. There is a good reason for that. In recent years, marketing has become a desired qualification by employers especially as traditional advertising exercises have fallen short of the desired effect. This is likely due to the marketing framework shifting from being a one trick pony to a layered approach with a multitude of options for exposure and customer acquisition.


Purchasing power is now in the hands of the customer and only companies who have shifted their marketing strategies into the digital realm can expect the success they desire. Furthermore, the digital marketing strategy employed must be focused on garnering traffic, reach identified customer pools and bring about conversions.


A marketing qualification has become virtually vital


In fact, many professional people decide to do their MBA in marketing as it gives more insight into running a business. This is because, while brick and mortar stores will always exist, actually converting someone into a customer requires you impressing them, assuring them and engaging with them online. What’s more, a marketing qualification increases your skillset in such a way that it all can be used in various industries and designations. Often entrepreneurs, consultants and department heads have a marketing qualification somewhere in their history. Furthermore, those who decide to follow the path straight into marketing find themselves in an environment that is ever changing. The current role of marketing manager in any company requires someone who is happy to be in a diversified role that will keep anyone on their toes. And this is because marketing has become a volatile space that never stops shifting.


Over the past 10 years we’ve definitely changed how we do marketing


Because of the digital age, traditional marketing courses have turned into digital marketing courses and this means something entirely more complex than what we’re used to. When studying digital marketing, you study digital media, online strategy, social media strategy, web analytics, search engine marketing and so on. You have to learn about and be adept at much more than before because digital marketing is simply bigger than traditional marketing. Companies have to market their products to a much wider audience because the online community is global. In fact, because of digital marketing courses and being able to do a digital marketing based MBA, brand new types of companies have come about. Ecommerce and Mcommerce are burgeoning industries now and even the most impoverished countries have a high rate of online customers.


So what has digital marketing changed?


For one, customer service is now a completely different space. Customers can now engage constantly with the brands they want to interact with. No matter the time of day or night, customers can reach out and expect a response with hours. That’s because the digital age means that the customer never sleeps and customer service has become a point of competition amongst companies.


Also, the bigger organisations and smaller companies can now compete against each other because the average customer doesn’t need their service provider or product manufacturer to be an enormous brand in order to be trusted. Customers place their value on a high level of engagement, quality content, user-friendly websites that are optimised for mobile and so on. You see, your company no longer has to have to have an enormous advertising budget to reach and retain customers. In fact, starting out, social media is the perfect free medium on which to gain exposure. Plus, many marketing gurus have consistently said that a company without any social media presence falls short by comparison to their counterparts and competitors who do make use of social media platforms. Of course, having an enormous budget for marketing and advertising strategies does help. It can assist greatly when looking to target a very specific audience with a very specific campaign but having no budget at all no longer means you’re out of the race. Free exposure online will still reap immense benefits and rewards.
Of course, digital marketing has changed many things in the digital age. There are many articles that provide a breakdown on the exact changes. We’ve only looked at a few key changes and with the quick advancements of technology lately, digital marketing will continue to develop and keep us all on our toes.