Being savvy about sales

At some point, we all need to put on the shoes of a salesperson. It usually doesn’t matter what our career is or what we’re trying to sell. We will need to convey to someone else a good reason to invest their time or money in what we hope to contribute or sell to them. However, we’re not all salespeople. We should therefore consider skills that salespeople utilise in order to make our own successful transactions.


No one wants to buy from someone who’s uncertain about what they’re selling. If someone is at all hesitant when telling us about a product, we’re going to assume they don’t believe in what they’re saying. As Business Woman Media notes, confidence “creates a balanced, collaborative person who establishes clarity in who they are and their direction.” This is the person we’d rather be engaging with.

Even if we believe our skills or product is incredible, that might mean nothing if we are at all shy or hesitant. In order to be good at sales, we must develop ways to be confident.

Understand customers’ needs

One of the reasons excellent salespeople make the kinds of sales they do is knowing people. If we’re selling cars, we’re already aware that customers are there needing cars. But that’s not enough. We also need to sell those aspects of driving which they won’t even realise they need, for example: security, reliability and affordability.

This applies to new or private car sales, to people buying cars for themselves or for their loved ones. Tapping into universal notions is what gets salespeople into successful transactions. They know what people need. We must do the same within business. We must know what our clients and customers need, even if it means tapping deeper. We aren’t just selling products, we must also sell an ideal world or goal they wish to achieve. Knowing what our clients prioritise is key.

Listening matters

Conveying confidence and knowing our customers is all part of a system of successful sales. When we have the right data, we can confidently say our product or service is the best for the customer. Yet, one important part of acquiring that data and knowing how to adjust is through listening. Without this, we can’t hope to succeed in our sales.

Good salespeople aren’t just good talkers, they’re good listeners, too. Every customer is unique and thus, only by engaging them through communication, can we hope to know how best to sell. This doesn’t mean merely speaking, but proper communication in terms of email, texts and so on, too. We must be willing to ask questions and know what questions to ask.

By combining these essential sales skills, we can match the masters themselves. Each one of these is useful individually, but put together, they form a powerful method to help improve our business.