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Social Media for B2B

On a daily basis, I talk to b2b marketing leaders who are putting together and defending social media marketing strategies  with the purpose of reaching business buyers. Many of the conversations sound like this: “We’ve created a Twitter account and Facebook page, but we’re not getting many followers, what do we do next?”

Too many b2b marketers use social tools as just another channel for pushing out press releases and product promotions. Your prospective buyers don’t care.  In the same manner that they tune out television commercials and ads, they get turned off by companies that push commercial messages through social channels.

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Trust Building and Better Email Results

Trust plays a big role in a recipient’s decision to open an email. For the majority of b2b customers, that trust is defined by the relationship they have with the salesperson, which ideally will be someone that they have communicated with, or even better, met in person. If that trust is not present, generic emails usually end up in the trash.

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The Importance of your Landing Page

A landing page is the first page that a visitor to a website “lands” on when clicking on a link or submitting a URL.

These landing pages are used by advertisers to welcome visitors to the page after they click through. The effectiveness of your landing page can be measured by how well the click-through rate relates to the end goal of the website, whether that be for downloads, subscriptions, sales, etc.

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