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Relocation Africa: Your Corporate Relocation Specialist

Moving/relocating is one of the most stressful occurrences people go through, and so is changing jobs. Therefore, one can quickly imagine how stressful it is when people undertake a corporate relocation.

Having to pack up your possessions and setup anew in a different country or city is tough in itself, and that’s without taking into consideration all the other factors which encompass the act of relocating/moving.

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Rhodes Quality: A Convenient Recipe Provider

Rhodes Quality has been created as a sub-section to the Rhodes Food Group. The Rhodes Food Group decided that their loyal customers need an online social platform where they can go to search for fresh and easy meal ideas. The Rhodes Quality site also functions as an advertising platform for the Rhodes Brand, featuring all the new Rhodes products and ideas.


On the Rhodes Quality website you will find various interactive platforms/interfaces. These include a recipe submission section for customers who would like to share their favourite Rhodes related recipes with the Rhodes Quality community. It also consists of a Frequently Asked Question section, where all the canned food related questions are answered.

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The Benefits of Cycling

The importance of exercise is something that can’t be ignored. With exercise as with anything people have preferences. How you choose to exercise is entirely up to you. I’ve always been a firm believer in mixing things up wherever you can.



Mixing high impact and low impact physical activity is a great way to build up overall fitness and strength and also decreases the chance of injuries. Low impact exercise is particularly important if you have a pre-existing injury.


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The Key to Control Room Design

A control room has numerous applications across various industries including traffic, broadcasting, military defense and security.

The main function of a control room is to (no surprise here) Provide control. This is done by coordinating and managing tasks and the flow of information. Design and layout are factors that can have a significant impact on the level of efficiency at which a control center operates.

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