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What SEO Can Do Your For Your Website

Firstly, it is essential to understand exactly what SEO is in order for you to understand how SEO can help your business. Even if you have a basic understanding of how Search Engine Optimisation works, the truth of the matter is that one has to experience the power of SEO in order to fully comprehend the impact it can make on both your website and your business.


If two companies open up in Cape Town and both companies are selling the same products/services, how do they expect to compete against each other? If both of these companies decide that an online presence is important and they both create a website, which company will have the highest chance of driving the most traffic to their website?

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Organic SEO vs PPC – When to use it?

When conducting searches on Google, what are the common areas we click on? Google has 2 possible clicking options, known as Organic SERP (search engine result page) and Pay Per Click (PPC or Sponsored links) SERP. For those who haven’t heard about these terms before, we have provided you with a quick training blog below that will assist you in understanding the basics of Google and SEO.

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Relocation Africa: Your Corporate Relocation Specialist

Moving/relocating is one of the most stressful occurrences people go through, and so is changing jobs. Therefore, one can quickly imagine how stressful it is when people undertake a corporate relocation.

Having to pack up your possessions and setup anew in a different country or city is tough in itself, and that’s without taking into consideration all the other factors which encompass the act of relocating/moving.

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Rhodes Quality: A Convenient Recipe Provider

Rhodes Quality has been created as a sub-section to the Rhodes Food Group. The Rhodes Food Group decided that their loyal customers need an online social platform where they can go to search for fresh and easy meal ideas. The Rhodes Quality site also functions as an advertising platform for the Rhodes Brand, featuring all the new Rhodes products and ideas.


On the Rhodes Quality website you will find various interactive platforms/interfaces. These include a recipe submission section for customers who would like to share their favourite Rhodes related recipes with the Rhodes Quality community. It also consists of a Frequently Asked Question section, where all the canned food related questions are answered.

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