5 tips to keep your office secure

Offices can contain a wide range of valuable items – from computers, to legal documents, to cash. Having an effective security policy not only protects the contents of your building from theft, it can also reduce the cost of your insurance premium. Whilst every company is different, below are some general guidelines to follow to help make sure your building is secure.

Use a monitored alarm system

An alarm should be among the first things to think about installing to enhance security. An alarm is a significant deterrent to thieves and can transmit emergency signals via a mobile phone, landline or internet connection to a monitoring station, which dispatches police to the scene when needed. Some systems also have a two-way voice intercom, which will connect the chosen employee/business owner directly to the monitoring station, should the alarm go off. This ensures that even if an intruder gets into your premises, police will be alerted in the shortest possible time.

Install CCTV

Although CCTV images are more associated with solving crimes than preventing them, they remain a significant deterrent. CCTV, however, should only be seen as one aspect of the overall security system for your premises; thieves can always cover their faces or keep out of camera shot. It is important to know exactly where to place the cameras and check that lighting is sufficient. It’s suggested that you install a video wall controller to ensure that anything suspicious, is recorded.

Keep everything locked and organised

When you leave your office, even for a few minutes, be sure that you have your computer locked and your confidential papers stored safely. Always keep your office door closed, regardless of whether you’re in or out of your office. Before leaving for home, clean your desk, dispose of every confidential document properly by shredding it, make sure that all the windows are closed/locked, and lock desk drawers and file cabinets.

Label your office equipment

Use stickers or seals with your logo and inventory number to label all your office equipment. Take an inventory of all your equipment and put the list somewhere visible (on the office wall, for example) so you and your co-workers can easily check whether everything is in its place.

Ensure that unannounced guests cannot enter the premises

There are various types of electronic locks that can only be unlocked only with the appropriate card key or tag, and can easily be connected to an alarm system. Put a reception desk and receptionist in the lobby or hire security personnel to make sure that guests announce themselves appropriately and that no unwanted persons are able to move around your premises.