5 simple ways to revamp your workspace

An office is a place where you work but does it work for you? Most of you spend about 40 hours per week at work. That’s the majority of your time per day. Your workspace needs to be as interesting as your profession. Spaces impact energy levels, moods and the comfort level at which you work. Because you spend most of your working hours in the office, it needs to be designed in a way that fosters creativity, productivity and cheerfulness.

The days when offices were staid and clinical spaces, are gone. From lighting, design and furniture to fun elements like wall murals, quirky stationery and colours it’s important to create a positive space. Create an office that will make anyone who works there look forward to coming to the office each morning. Everything you do should reflect your professional personality and this includes the decor of your office space.

You should make your office space feel inspired and give it as much attention as you would your home. It’ll enhance your productivity and make the day go by faster.

Here are a few ways to revamp your workspace.

Moving your office

Sometimes, the best way to revamp your workspace is by moving offices. Your new office will be a blank canvas. It’ll be a space you can mould and shape according to your tastes and needs. The decor of your office must strike a fine balance between design and functionality. You can experiment with different types of furniture, colours and other elements until you get the right mix. You can divide your office by using an industrial sliding door. Perhaps separating the boardroom from the office or different departments from each other.

Designing office cubicles 

A cubicle is the best solution if you want to increase collaboration between employees but you realise they still need separate space to call their own. Coworkers can easily stop to talk to each other and share ideas. Offices being separated by doors make it too easy for employees to avoid each other. Cubicles in an office also provide enough privacy for employees to focus on their jobs and avoid distractions. It’s their personal space. It gives employees the freedom to add their own quirky, classy or professional touch to it. So go ahead and bring your personality to your office and make your work hours pass by easily.

Decorating your office

Many people love to redo their homes nowadays.  This keeps things fresh and allows them to experiment with new styles and trends. Who says you can’t do the same at your office? There’s nothing more uplifting at a workplace than beautiful illustrations filled with colours and designs that motivates you to have a productive and happy day. If you want your walls to be transformed, then wall murals are your answer. Invest in one and watch the energy levels soar in the office. Visitors will love and remember them, too.

Also, colours are a part of the background and they influence the overall look and feel of the office. Dull colours will make you feel slow and inactive where bright colours will cheer you up. Deeper colours will give the office an air of professionalism. Balancing the homely and professional aspects at work can prove to enhance the productivity of a team.

Think about chairs

You might consider it as one of the furniture types that you’ll buy along with the rest of the other office furniture. But ensuring your staff members have comfortable chairs is crucial to their health and wellbeing in the office environment.. Put in great thought and look for good ones as it’s an investment for your staff’s health.

Lighten up

When you’re busy designing an office layout, choosing the right furniture and deciding on open or closed floor plans may take the bulk of your attention. But less tangible elements, specifically lighting, are as important to consider. The office should at least have three points of light: natural, overhead and desk-level. It’s always a bonus if you have windows or a sliding door in your workspace. If not, then you can make up for the lack of light by adding a standing lamp or double up on desk lamps. You should create a modern yet warm feel with lighting.

With your freshly updated office, you’ll feel a renewed sense of excitement about kicking off the workday. You should create an office space that’s more vibrant and engaging.