3 free ways to get your business out there

If only we could all have an enormous marketing and advertising budget. If only we could splash out on gorgeous marketing campaigns and be guaranteed financial returns. But we can’t. Starting a new business venture is difficult and brings with it a number of challenges that often cost money to overcome. So marketing your business tends to keep falling to the bottom of the priority list when it comes to expenses. However, there are clever ways to make sure your business gains some exposure without spending a cent.

Here are three ways to get your business out there that’ll cost you time but not money.

Fix your site and start a blog

You’ve probably set up your website already –every single business owner knows you must be online and have a website for prospective clientele to visit. It’s a no-brainer. But some websites do more damage than good when their pages are poorly designed and their static content is of the sub-standard variety. If this sounds like you, then fix it. Free website templates are easy to navigate and with enough practise you’ll be able to tweak the site to look and feel better. If you leave your sub-standard website online you’ll be doing damage to your business. Also, add a blog page and start writing. This sounds a lot more difficult than it is. However, having a blog page means you can create original content that Google will recognise as unique (improving your rankings) and that you can share across your social media channels. A blog is engaging. You can relate ideas and offer advice thereby establishing yourself as an industry expert.

Be social media savvy or die

You’ve definitely heard it before but you’ll hear it again and again. You must be present on social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are free channels that’ll give you complete exposure if you use them properly. You need to share across all of these channels and ideally, automate your social posts. You’ll be able to share your unique quality content and respond to clients who engage. You’ll be able to start conversations and join in on forums or groups who’re talking about related topics.

Get out and socialise

Attend all and every event that is related to your industry and that attracts your target audience. This is basically real life social media. Find ways to get yourself on the guest list to events, conferences, seminars and community interactions. Spend some time online scouring through various social events, search for communities who are interested in topics relating to your industry and find ways to join them. The only thing you’ll be spending is your time and it’ll be well worth it.

When you finally have some money in the bank to spend on growing your business why not consider sending yourself on a couple of sales and marketing courses so you can keep your marketing internalised. In this way you’ll save money in the long run.